Winter Maintenance checklist

5 things that should be check by you or Handyman in winter To keep your house maintained is much more affordable then paying handyman to repair something that could be prevented. I am working in il McHenry area and compiled checklist what has to be done in spring. winter

  1. Heating system

There are three main types of heating systems in mchenry area. High-efficiency system, boiler system and gas system. If you have High-efficiency system PVC vent pipes must be cleaned. It’s best to do it every year. Call handyman or heating specialist to do this job. I can do it in mchenry area if you need help. If your home is heated with boiler system you need to clean it. Disassemble front unit and vacuum clean in and assemble. Before doing any work turn it off. It’s best to call your local handyman to help you. You should do it every year. If you have gas system you need to do the same but it can be maintained every three years.


  1. Fireplace


Fireplace is best thing in cold winter evenings but it can be fire hazard. Call chimney sweep to clean your chimney and as them to check for any cracks.  

  1. Pipes

We have cold winters in Illinois. When water freezes it expands and can brake your pipes. So during the winter drain all outside pipes. Disconnect your garden hose and other. If you leave your house for longer time leave a little bit of heating no lower than 60 F.   

  1. Sump pump

Sump pump is the only thing that makes your basement dry. First you need to test it. To test it pour bucket of water and wait until it turns on and pumps it. If it does not call local handyman to check it.

  1. Ceiling fans

Naturally heat goes up, so making blades run clockwise makes heat go down. To do that there should be switch on your ceiling fan. 

Helpful video about spring maintanance to do it your self or hire handyman