Autumn Maintenance checklist

5 things that should be check by you or Handyman in autumn To keep your house maintained is much more affordable then paying handyman to repair something that could be prevented. I am working in il McHenry area and compiled checklist what has to be done in autumn

  1. Gutters

After autumn gutters are filed with leaves and debris. When they combine they are heavy and can cause damage to gutters. Also leaking gutters can damage house walls and foundation. So you or handyman has to clean your gutters and downspouts. All broken gutters must be fixed. Call handyman for quick estimate. I work in Mchenry area and would be glad to help you.   


  1. Roof

After winter your roof might be damage and after good rain your house can be water damaged or if it is a small leak mold can start growing. To prevent that call handyman or check the roof by yourself for missing shingles, rust, cracks. If you find something odd call professional. Call me I know a good roof contractor in McHenry area.

  1. Plants

Fall is best time to prune all plants that are near your property. High winds and heavy rain can damage your house also car or other property. It is best to cut branches and limbs about 3-4 feet from your property.

  1. Leaks

Call handyman or check around the house for any air leaks. You need to fill them that water or critters wont go inside your home. During cold weather critters are looking for warm place to stay. 

  1. Hoses

Before cold weather hits disconnect all hoses that are lying outside. When water freezes it expands and can snap your hose.  

Helpful video about autumn maintenance to do it your self or hire handyman