Summer Maintenance checklist

5 things that should be check by you or Handyman in summer To keep your house maintained is much more affordable then paying handyman to repair something that could be prevented. I am working in il McHenry area and compiled checklist what has to be done in summer.

1. Smoke detector

Chicago had great fires. If they had working smoke detectors nothing would happen. So you should check your smoke detectors or hire handyman to do it for you. If batteries have to be changed, change them

2. Ceiling fan


Summers are hot in Chicago. So to have your ceiling fan in working condition you need to dust your fans and balance them.

3. Chimney

When its hot you should be prepare for cold. So it will be more affordable and easy to hire chimney cleaning service. Or you can call me I know affordable and good chimney cleaning service.  

4. Bathroom drains

While its warm you should have your bathroom drains checked and cleaned by professional plumber or local handyman. I can take a look in McHenry il area.

5. Vents


All vents must be cleaned to have better flow of air. Fresh air in your home would increase your sleeping and lining quality in home.

Helpful video about summer maintanance to do it your self or hire handyman